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Welcome to Google Earth Studio!

Google Earth Studio」というつい先日発表されたグーグルのサービスがあるんですね。


現在は招待制みたいなのですが、このサイトがオープンした直後に応募してみたら、昨日グーグルから「Welcome to Google Earth Studio!」という件名の招待メールがきました(^^♪

Welcome to Google Earth Studio!

Great news, you've been invited to preview Earth Studio!

To use Earth Studio, simply visit Please make sure Google Chrome is updated to the latest version prior to using the tool or you might run into some unexpected bugs.

For all uses of Google Earth imagery (e.g. in print, digital video, film, TV, etc), please refer to our Geo Permissions page. Be sure to check out our documentation for tutorials and more. Note that all use-cases of Earth Studio require onscreen imagery attribution - see our guidelines here.

Feel free to join our Earth Studio user forum to share your projects, ideas, and feedback with us as well as other users.


Earth Studio Team